Terms of Hire

Below sets out the conditions for the hiring of the Village Hall accommodation.


Special Note: Hirers must be householders over the age of 18. The Hall must be left as found and any extra cleaning costs will be charged accordingly.


1. Application for hire of the hall accommodation must be made on the Committee’s Booking Forms and must be sent to the Booking Officer. No verbal or other bookings are valid until a Booking application is received and confirmed.
2. Regular bookings for Fridays and Saturdays are possible but hirers must be aware that they may be cancelled if the Hall is requested for another function. Normally at least a months’ notice will be given.
3. The full amount payable must be paid as shown on the Charges leaflet (unless the Committee decide and indicate otherwise), at the time of submitting the Booking application. Cheques must be made payable to: Messingham Village Hall.
4. The Hall Management Committee reserve the right through its Chairman or other person authorised by the chairperson, to refuse or cancel any application for the hiring of accommodation at the Hall and to refuse admission to any person at the Hall, without giving any reason for such refusal.
5a) Any accident occurring in the Hall premises or Hall grounds must be entered in the Accident Book kept in the First Aid cupboard on the wall in the kitchen. Full details must be entered under the various headings in the Accident Book.
5.b) Hirers of the Hall will be indemnified against their Public Liability risks which they may incur whilst using the premises/grounds.
6. Persons using the Hall car park; including the parking of a vehicle, or leaving items anywhere in the building do so at their own risk. The Management Committee will not be responsible for the loss of any items in the Hall or any loss or damage sustained to any vehicle, or theft from any vehicle parked in the car park.
7.a) Persons hiring accommodation at the Hall will be held responsible for the proper use and care of the Building.
7. b) Damage to premises, fittings, furnishings etc. must be reported to the Management Committee immediately. Breakages of any crockery etc. must be similarly reported.
7.c) Hirers will indemnify the Management Committee for the cost of repair/replacement of any damage done or loss to any part of the building, fittings, furnishings, crockery etc; or any other contents of the Hall, during or as a result of the hiring.
7.d) Setting out of chairs and tables for any function is the responsibility of the Hirer. The chairs and tables etc. must be stowed away as requested by the Committee and advice will be given on this requirement when the hirer attends for the commencement of the hire time.
8. Organisations, groups etc; regularly using the Hall premises and who have equipment of any nature stored or exhibited in any part of the premises are advised to obtain their own insurance for such property.
9. LEGAL REQUIREMENTS: The requirements of any Act of Parliament, Statutory instruments, Local Licensing Justices, the Police and Local Authority affecting the use of the premises for any function, shall be strictly observed. Authorised Officers of Glanford Borough Council (who are furnished with authorities they will produce on request), the Police or fire Brigade Officers must be allowed access at any time to all parts of the building as they require.
10. PUBLIC MUSIC, SINGING AND DANCING: Persons using the premises for the functions involving this licence must comply with the following conditions (a) to (e).
NOTE. These conditions do not apply to Private Functions, except for item (c) in the case of the provision of a Bar where intoxicating liquors are sold and item (e)
10.a) The Hall licence covers the use of the Hall premises from 8.00am to Midnight, Monday to Friday, and from 8.00am to 11.30pm on Saturdays. Except with the consent of North Lincs Council (the Licensing Authority) the premises cannot be kept open outside the quoted hours.
10.b) A special license has to be applied for and obtained from the Licensing Authority by the Management Committee for any extension of the hours to those given in 10(a) above. The hirer must, therefore, inform the management Committee if any extension of hours is required for a function, at least six weeks prior to the date of the function, to allow time for the application to be processed and considered by the Licensing Authority.
10.c) If a bar is required for the sale and consumption of intoxicating liquors a special license must be applied for and obtained from the Licensing Justices. This is the responsibility of the hirer or his appointed Bar Vendor. The special License obtained must be exhibited at the Bar during the period of the function. No intoxicating liquor of any description must be supplied or consumed on the premises by any person under 18 years of age.
10.d) The maximum number of persons attending functions is controlled by the Licensing Authority from recommendations by the Fire service Prevention Authority. The Hall is licensed for the maximum number of persons as follows:-
Closely seated audiences (Concerts etc) 220
Socials, Dances, Discos 170
Dinners, Weddings (set out tables/chairs) 120
10.e) The hirer is required to name a householder (being of at least 18 years of age) who will be in charge of the function during the whole time the Hall is open to the public. This person should not be engaged on any duties which will prevent him/her from exercising general supervision. The Management Committee are required to provide the name of the person in charge, in writing for inspection as necessary, by the Licensing Authority’s Officers or the Police.
11. Organisations/individuals hiring the premises are responsible for providing an adequate number of stewards to control entry, prevent the obstruction of emergency and other exit doors, and be generally responsible for the maintenance of good order and conduct. Hirers must ensure that music and any other activity provided or performed at the premises shall not cause annoyance to nearby residents of the Hall, and any form of amplification is required must be controlled as to prevent such annoyance.
12. If access to the Hall is required by a vendor for the setting up of a bar/catering / music etc. outside the hours of the hire, a standard charge of £14.00 will be made and will be the responsibility of the hirer. If the special stage lighting equipment is required, a standard charge of £18.00 per session will be charged.
13.a) An emergency lighting system is provided in the Hall and this will come on automatically in the event of a failure of the general lighting.
13.b) Fire precautions must be observed at all times. Fire extinguishers are provided at various points in the premises and should be used to control any fire if possible. Two fire alarms are provided, one in the Main Hall, and one in the entrance foyer; which should be activated if possible, to warn people to evacuate the premises. The emergency doors and/or the main entrance doors should be used as evacuation points. The Fire Brigade should be called – by dialling 999. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that all people present are aware of the fire procedures, this can be located on the notice board in the foyer.
14. Organisations that store equipment of any nature in the Hall Store room or under stage storage area are requested that such equipment is kept tidy therein. Failure to do so may result in the Management Committee imposing a charge for storage. The storage of any equipment is the sole responsibility of the hirer and not the Hall Management Committee or any employee of the Management Committee.
15. The Management Committee have the right to terminate any regular hiring’s of the Hall accommodation (weekly/ monthly etc. tenants) at a minimum of one months’ notice - given in writing.
16. During the period of hire by any Organisation/Individual, the Management Committee or other appointed members of the Committee have the right of entry to any part of the premises, to ensure that the foregoing conditions, as appropriate, are being observed.
17. Bouncy Castles – Bouncy castles or any inflatables can be used in the hall. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure the provider of the equipment has the correct insurance. Messingham Village Hall accepts no liability for accidents occurred on inflatable play equipment.
18. Children are not allowed to be on the stage. (except when performing under supervision)
19. All rubbish must be disposed of on leaving the premises. There are large bins to the front of the hall where rubbish can be left.
20. A £100 refundable Damage/Cleaning charge is required if alcohol is to be consumed (separate cheque or payment required).

21. No fireworks are to be set off within the grounds of the village hall by any hirers.

22. There are to be no external cooking facilities brought into the hall.